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Nao Maeda

After graduating from the Royal Academy of Music Junior Academy, she graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Music High School. Studied under Yfrah Neaman and Michelle Auclair. Osaka International Music Competition, All Japan Student Music Competition No. 1 in Japan. Selected for the Japanese Music Competition, etc. She has performed recitals such as classical Yokohama, Rokkatei Hall, and Bandai Music Festival. Performed with Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, Leipzig Quartet, and Radek Baborak. Currently belongs to the Philharmonia Orchestra of the Arts University.

She moved to England at the age of 11 and studied with Yfrah Neaman in London and Michéle Auclair in Paris respectively. After graduating from the Junior Academy in Royal Academy of Music, she studied at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and music. She studied under Takashi Shimizu, Kazuki Sawa, Katsuya Matsubara, Nobuko Yamazaki and Hajime Otomo.
She won the first prize at the Osaka International Music Competition and President Award and got the second place (highest) in the Japanese classical music competition. Also, she was awarded the first prize at the All Japan National Student Music Competition, and won the Uzuka Award and the Togi Award. In chamber music, she got the RISONARE Chamber Music Seminar Encouragement Award. Other than those, she won numerous prizes at the Japan Music Competition.
Nao Maeda co-starred with Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Geidai Philharmonic, Leipzig Quartet, Radek Baborák, Noe Inui, Takako Takahashi, Mona=Asuka Ott, Takeyuki Kakehashi and others. She performed solo recitals at various places such as Classic Yokohama, Rokkatei Hall and Bandai International Music Festival. She appeared in Suntory Hall Chamber Music Garden as the first year student of Suntory Hall Chamber Music Academy. In addition, she has performed a wide range of activities such as solo and chamber music appearing in the Suntory Hall Open House, Suntory Summer Music Festival, Dai-ichi Life Hall Open House, and La Folle Journée TOKYO.
While working as a lecturer at the Tokyo University of Arts, she belongs to the Philharmonia Orchestra of the Tokyo University of the Arts. Also, she is Quartet Celesia 1st violin player.

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